Got a new @nokia Lumia 521. This phone is slick. I appreciate Nokia's great work on @windowsphone. #switchtolumia

03 06 2013

I'm dreaming of a white Nokia! #Switch nokiaus #Lumia1520

05 12 2013

@NokiaUS All I want for Christmas is a Nokia Lumia 1520 #Switch

09 12 2013

Am I the only one, who puts on a smug face after someone asks me the megapixels of my phone camera, and I say 41 #Lumia1020 #Nokia

09 12 2013

Stuff readers vote the Nokia Lumia 1020 their 2013 Gadget Of The Year. #windowsphone #nokia #lumia

09 12 2013

i just got my new @nokia #Lumia1520 and it's the perfect successor for my #Lumia920 - absolutely love it #bestSmartphone

09 12 2013

Nokia Lumia 1020 makes Time Magazine's Top 10 Gadget List Of 2013! #ZoomReinvented #1020 #Lumia1020 ~Andy

10 12 2013

Pick an image. Add a greeting. Spread some REAL holiday joy with the @NokiaUS #Lumia 1020. #HolidayRealness

10 12 2013

Instagram is Coming to Windows Phone, Just in Time for Nokia's New Lumia Phones #photography

22 10 2013

Nokia, #Lumia and #Windows">#Windows are finally making the right kind of noise. #Win for @Microsoft. I like the new colorful tablet! #NokiaWorld

22 10 2013

My new #Nokia #Lumia928 phone rocks! If anyone is looking 4 a new phone I highly recommend it. It's great 4 staying connected & taking pics

01 06 2013

I helped a nice older woman switch to a @windowsphone in the apple store. She wanted my @nokia #lumia920. She left apple. #timetoswitch

01 05 2013

@windowsphone The camera blows my mind! I didn't realize phone cameras could be this nice. The UI is buttery smooth too. #Lumia928

31 05 2013

3 microphones record up to 140db distortion free sounds, xenon flash. Omg #nokia #lumia928 is a killer beast.

11 05 2013

Love the clean lines and clean look of the newly announced Lumia 925! #lumia925

15 05 2013

@windowsphone I have had my #Lumia820 for about 2 weeks now and I love it

30 05 2013