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The faces and stories of Manitoba.

CBC Manitoba is embarking on an ambitious storytelling project to mark 2017. We are showcasing the vibrant and diverse people that shape our province. Leading up to Canada Day and into July and August, stories will be shared each week across our platforms.

The rebels and innovators. The newcomers and trailblazers. This is #IamMB.

This submission collection is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted to the project.

The Details You Need to Know

• Nomination period is extended and will close June 11, 2017, at 11:59 pm CST.

• Finalists will be selected from the submissions received by an editorial team from CBC Manitoba and will be included in the #iamMB gallery.

• CBC Manitoba will publish profiles to the #iamMB gallery beginning in May 2017 and all approved profiles will be published by July 1, 2017. #iamMB stories will be featured on cbc.ca/manitoba and may be highlighted on other CBC Manitoba broadcast and digital platforms.

• Nominate a leader, an innovator, a newcomer, a community builder, a trailblazer.

• We're looking for a cross-section of people from many of the diverse communities, professions and places that make up Manitoba. The are many skills, talents, brains and qualities that go into forming a community. Tell us whose story we need to tell.

• Take time to form your submission and highlight the key strengths and accomplishments of your nominee.

• Entries may be edited for length and style.

• Follow the project in social spaces with #iamMB


These are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you still find you need an answer, contact communications.winnipeg@cbc.ca.

Q: I don’t identify as a Canadian or Manitoban. Or I am not from Manitoba. Can I even be included in #iamMB?
A: Yes. #iamMB is about telling a range our stories that contribute to the province’s identity. This includes impacts made by people from other places and from a variety of backgrounds.

Q: Is this a project to celebrate Canada 150 anniversary?
A: #iamMB is CBC Manitoba's storytelling project to mark 2017. The public broadcaster will be at the heart of Canada’s 150th anniversary year, sharing Canadian stories to understand the past, celebrate the present and embrace the future, including the perspectives of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada, whose history extends far beyond these past 150 years.

Q: I submitted a profile but I don’t see it showing up on the #iamMB website. How come?
A: Thank you for your submission! While we’d love to tell everyone’s story, CBC Manitoba's editorial team will select profiles for publication that give a picture of our province. Check back to [ cbc.ca/iammb] regularly to see if your submission is included.

Q: Is CBC only looking for historical figures?
A: Certainly not! CBC Manitoba will highlight icons and leaders that shaped the forming of our province and we’ll also look to the present and future. Each Manitoban plays a part in Manitoba’s identity.

Q: I’m not sure my story is unique or special enough to be considered. What kind of person is CBC looking for?
A: Have you heard the expression that ‘it takes a village’? Well, it means there are many skills, talents, brains and qualities that go into forming a community. So, tell CBC why you think that you or the person you’re nominating contributes to Manitoba’s identity.

Q: I made a mistake on my submission, who do I contact to make a correction?
A: Oops! Mistakes can happen. Since not all submissions will be published, it’s best to wait and see if your submitted profile is published by the editorial team. If it is, then please contact [communications.winnipeg@cbc.ca].

Q: Some of the facts were incorrect on the CBC web story I read, who do I contact to make a change?
A: It’s important to CBC to tell an accurate story. In every story on [cbc.ca/manitobaMBHub@cbc.ca] with your corrections.