You haven't eaten in quite a while – it's usually feast or famine – but now you're definitely ready to grab some grub. What's on the menu?

But you're just a little guy, so what do you favor when you sidle up to a briny buffet?

So fish is definitely the main course, but should you go for the occasional sea turtle?

You're no longer small fry, but you're still in the small- to medium-sized range. What else will you chow down on?

You've finally graduated to the solidly medium range -- between 6 and 10 feet. How often do you munch on mammals?

At last you're all grown-up, and you're ready to use your large size to your advantage. How often do you take down other sharks and rays for dinner?

But you're more of solitary hunter, so having killing skills is more important than making friends. How good is your hunting prowess?

Apart from actual food, you also sometimes like eating the occasional flotsam you come across. What's one wacky thing that researchers could find in your stomach right now?