How much do you remember from the first season of Good Witch?

Play the trivia game now and see how you score!



What is the name of the house where Cassie lives?

What is the special sporting event featured with the Middleton Heritage Festival ball?

What is the name of Cassie's store in Middleton?

Who gave Sam the nickname Dr. McDreamy?

Cassie gives Grace a treasured item that belonged to Grace's dad, Jake. What was it?

Nick stole an important item at school and had Grace cover for him. What was it?

What special gift did Linda buy from Cassie's store for her son Nick?

What was the reason Sam moved he and Nick to Middleton?

During the big storm in Middleton, where did Anthony, Grace and Nick get stuck?

What is the name of Ryan's real estate listing in danger of being torn down?

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