The Golden Girls Christmas Quiz

How well do you know Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia?

1. According to Sophia, where is the true spirit of Christmas?

2. What Christmas gift does Blanche give Dorothy, Rose and Sophia?

3. After their flights are cancelled, where do Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia spend Christmas Eve?

4. What farm animal did the Saint Olaf townsfolk use in their production of "A Christmas Carol?"

5. When the Golden Girls draw names for Christmas, who gets the "Rose gift" and what is it?

6. What does Dorothy suggest doing with their collection of fruitcakes?

7. What gift goes Dorothy's brother Phil get for Sophia?

8. According to Sophia, what dish is part of a traditional Sicilian holiday celebration?

9. Finish this sentence: "Christmas without Fruit Cake is like…?"

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