Test Yourself! A Quality Deer Management Quiz

1. We know that based on harvest, whitetails are the number one species in the United States. What is the number two species?

2. Most areas in the U.S. have too many deer, so shooting as many does as possible is always a good management strategy?

3. We have many more coyotes than we did 10 years ago. On areas intensively managed for whitetails, shooting coyotes during deer season will solve any potential problems for the deer herd.

4. A buck spends 50% of his time in his core home range (where he eats and sleeps). In states where baiting is illegal, which of the following are things you can do to encourage more bucks to keep their core home range on your property?

5. A new computer program, www.buckscore.com, enables you to score antlers from trail cam photos. On those photos, which one of the following gives you the most precise and accurate antler score?

6. If you have the right size trees, a mature buck may make 1,000 rubs in three months in one square mile during the fall.

7. When does scrape activity decrease the most?

8. Let's say your property is 100 acres. Which of the following will help you hold big bucks on a property of this size?

9. Which of the following limits bucks from reaching their full potential?

10. You should put trail cameras close to your treestands so that you can learn what bucks are in the area.

11. Bill Winke, one of the top whitetail hunters in the country, believes that the number one factor for hunting success is…

12. Leaving 5-10 rows of standing corn around the edge of a field is not a good idea because it blocks bow shots from stands along that edge.