Before fossilized Megalodon teeth were correctly identified as such, what were they commonly confused for?

Answer: Dragon tongues

Believe it or not, before naturalist Nicolaus Steno identified the enormous fossils as Megalodon remains in the 1600s, they were originally thought to be tongues of dragons or giant serpents!

Experts estimate that an adult Megalodon could eat how many pounds of food per day?

Answer: 2,500 pounds

2,500 pounds! That's a lot of food for a single day, especially when you consider that the average American eats 500 pounds of food in an entire year!

How long are the largest Megalodon teeth?

Answer: 7 inches long

Hundreds of Megalodon tooth fossils have been found. The largest of them average 6 inches in length, with a few remarkable specimens topping out at around 7 inches. That's about the size of a human hand!

By reconstructing the jaws of Megalodon, scientists have been able to estimate that its mouth was how big?

Answer: 7 feet in diameter

Scientists have struggled over the years to figure out just how big Megalodon's jaws were. The widely accepted max size is roughly 7 feet in diameter, large enough to swallow a person lengthwise.

Where have Megalodon fossils been found?

Answer: Both

Both! In fact, Megalodon fossils have been found on nearly every continent, including Europe, North and South America, southern Asia, and Australia.

Fossil evidence confirms that Megalodon went extinct how many years ago?

Answer: Over 2 million years ago

Nice try. Fossil records for Megalodon extend between 15.9 to 2.6 million years ago, indicating that the prehistoric shark went extinct over 2 million years ago.