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From "Love Eventually"
"Pie is how I figure things out."

From "It's Always Nashville"
"Life always has a way of working itself out the way it's supposed to."

From "Once Upon Ever After"
"You can have your party, and your life, and your son, even though I love him a whole lot. But you can't have me."

From "We're Gaining a Daughter"
"You and I, we are different. When something happens, we have to do something!"

From "We're Gaining a Daughter"
"I want him home in one piece."

From "We're Gaining a Daughter"
"I know where that path leads. I know it's not where I want to go anymore."

From "An Open Book"
"Honey, everybody always worries about finding more time. That's never the issue, it's what you do, with what you have."

From "Buried Treasure"
"Dad always said you keep your dirty laundry in the house, you don't hang it out on the line."

From "The Way We Were"
"Its time for us to let go of the past."

From "Photographs and Memories"
"Maybe there are people and places that we thought we would need forever, but we don't."

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