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From "Pilot"
"I think I lost my edge. Can't seem to find anything to replace it with."

From "Pasts and Presents"
"Hurting helps. I know where I am when I'm hurting."

From "Pilot"
"Please don't listen to rumors. They are like wildfires, someone lights a spark, it spreads slowly, burns fast and causes all kinds of damage."

From "Second Chances"
"Don't give up what you love unless you absolutely have to."

From "We're Gaining a Daughter"
"You and I, we are different. When something happens, we have to do something!"

From "All Our Yesterdays" "It seems like we keep having the same conversation."

From "Home to Roost, Part Two"
"Even when we were fighting like cats and dogs I knew that she loved me. Nothing I ever said could change that."

From "Pilot"
"Never break the law, and also don't run with scissors, and always write thank you notes"

From "Second Chances"
"Being home, even considering the circumstances. I like being around my family."

From "We're Gaining a Daughter"
"I know where that path leads. I know it's not where I want to go anymore."

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