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From "Home to Roost, Part Two"
"I am so tired of not saying anything."

From "Grand Openings"
"You seem different. I don't know what's important to you anymore."

From "All Our Yesterdays" "It seems like we keep having the same conversation."

From "Buried Treasure"
"I just remember I wanted to hide. I didn't want to see this new world around me."

From "Pilot"
"You've gotta stop rescuing those girls from the bad childhood they're not having."

From "Pilot"
"This is the first time I have taken a deep breath in years."

From "Photographs and Memories"
"We are burning the old to make way for the new."

From "Pilot"
"Never break the law, and also don't run with scissors, and always write thank you notes"

From "We're Gaining a Daughter"
"I want him home in one piece."

From "We're Not Losing a Son..."
"The whole point in having a relationship with your adult children is to let them make their own decisions."

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