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From "Photographs and Memories"
"We are burning the old to make way for the new."

From "Pasts and Presents"
"Hurting helps. I know where I am when I'm hurting."

From "Home to Roost, Part Two"
"I am so tired of not saying anything."

From "Secrets, Lies and School Supplies"
"Sooner or later you're going to have to figure out a way to make your life work - either with or without Mom."

From "Second Chances"
"Just goes to show you no matter how hard life gets, things can always turn out to be beautiful."

From "We're Gaining a Daughter"
"You and I, we are different. When something happens, we have to do something!"

From "Home to Roost, Part Two"
"Even when we were fighting like cats and dogs I knew that she loved me. Nothing I ever said could change that."

From "Grand Openings" "There should be a place for the arts in cities and in schools and parks. It inspires us. It drives us. It comforts us. It makes ordinary moments special."

From "We're Not Losing a Son..."
"Mom, this isn't worth crying about."

From "Photographs and Memories"
"Maybe there are people and places that we thought we would need forever, but we don't."

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