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From "Second Chances"
"Just goes to show you no matter how hard life gets, things can always turn out to be beautiful."

From "Pasts and Presents"
"Hurting helps. I know where I am when I'm hurting."

From "Deals Undone"
"Sometimes we need to get our bearings again and then we know where we belong."

From "Secrets, Lies and School Supplies"
"You needed for all of us to be here for you to decide it's time to be our mother?"

From "Pilot"
"I think I lost my edge. Can't seem to find anything to replace it with."

From "All Our Yesterdays" "It seems like we keep having the same conversation."

From "Second Chances"
"Hard work will do you good."

From "Second Chances"
"Being home, even considering the circumstances. I like being around my family."

From "Grand Openings"
"In all the years that we were married, you never once asked me for help."

From "Grand Openings" "There should be a place for the arts in cities and in schools and parks. It inspires us. It drives us. It comforts us. It makes ordinary moments special."

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