What is a shark's cerebrum responsible for?

Answer: Learning and memory

The cerebrum is primarily responsible for learning and memory, including home ranging and social behavior – not to be confused with the cerebellum, which coordinates body movement and some types of motor learning.

How do sharks determine social rank?

Answer: By comparing size

Sharks determine social rank by sizing each other up. The larger shark is usually the dominant one.

How do male sharks let females know they're interested in mating?

Answer: Biting them

Male sharks communicate their intentions to females by biting them on their fins and gills, leaving female sharks with scars after mating season.

Which of these sharks is likely the most playful?

Answer: Porbeagle sharks

Porbeagle sharks may be one of the few playful fish species, seeming to play with floating objects and playing chase. Great whites may also play, but this behavior hasn't been seen in whale sharks… yet!

Sharks rolling their eyes back when something touches their snout is an example of

Answer: Instinct

A shark rolling its eyes back is instinctive behavior, meaning it happens automatically without being learned. A reflex, like pumping water over the gills to breathe, is an unconscious response. Sharks can learn to control their instincts, but not their reflexes.