Holiday Movie Trivia Quiz

Are you a huge fan of the Hallmark Channel original holiday movies? Take the trivia quiz now and see how you score!


Which movie is about a hat shop manager in a small town?

In "Best Christmas Party Ever" which store did Jennie and Nick throw the best holiday bash for?

Which Hallmark Channel holiday movie was about a tabloid reporter?

In 'Tis the Season for Love what is the name of the small town that Beth returns to?

Antonio Cupo starred in the Hallmark Channel original movie "I Do, I Do, I Do" Which Christmas movie did he appear in?

Which holiday movie is based around a winning lottery ticket?

What is the name of the elf in the movie, "Northpole?"

In "One Starry Christmas" the characters Holly and Luke both love:

What job does Naomi Judd's character hold in "Window Wonderland?"

In "A Princess for Christmas" what item does the staff accidentally destroy?

What is the name of the dog featured in "The Christmas Shepherd?"

What is the name of the dog featured in the Hallmark Channel original movie, "The Christmas Shepherd?"

Which actor starred in "Hitched for the Holidays?"

Which holiday Hallmark Channel original movie starred Brooke Burns and Henry Winkler?

In "A Cookie Cutter Christmas" the baking competitors are:

In Ice Sculpture Christmas, what is the final ice carving that Callie and David create together?

In "I'm Not Ready for Christmas" What event does Aunt Holly miss that causes Anna to make her wish?

In "The Most Wonderful Time of Year" what is the hot toy for the holiday?

In Hats off to Christmas! what contest does Nick help Scotty with?

In Christmas Incorporated, what is the name of the corporation Riley goes to work for?

In "A Bride for Christmas" how many engagements has Jessie broken off?

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