Think you know everything about Lt. Joe Kenda? Prove it!

Test your skills and show how much of a Lt. Joe Kenda fanatic you really are by taking The Ultimate HOMICIDE HUNTER Quiz. Remember to check the helpful hints and be sure to watch the season premiere of HOMICIDE HUNTER: LT JOE KENDA on Tuesday, August 18 at 10/9c only on Investigation Discovery.

Q1. Where did Lt. Joe Kenda work as a detective? Hint

Answer: Colorado Springs

Q2. What are the three motives for murder according to Lt. Joe Kenda? Hint

Answer: Sex, Money, Revenge

Q3. Finish Kenda's signature phrase: My, _______. Hint

Answer: My, My

Q4. Which animal does Kenda consider the most dangerous in the world? Hint

Answer: Humans

Q5. As of August 2015, how many seasons has Homicide Hunter been on?

Answer: 4 Seasons

Q6. Name the actor who plays young Lt. Joe Kenda? Hint

Answer: Carl

Q7. Finish one of Kenda's memorable quotes: "Oh I like crazy…." Hint

Answer: Boyfriends

Q8. How many cases has Lt. joe Kenda solved? Hint

Answer: 387

Q9. What skills does Kenda think make for a good detective?

Answer: Natural Curiosity

Q10. Which other Investigation Discovery series did Kenda appear on? Hint

Answer: I Almost Got Away With It

Q11. What year did Lt. Joe Kenda retire? Hint

Answer: 1996

Q12. How many years was Kenda working with the Colorado Springs police department? Hint

Answer: 23

Q13. What is Kenda's rate for solving cases? Hint

Answer: 92%

Q14. Finish this Kenda quote: "Animals kill for need. Humans kill for ______." Hint

Answer: Pleasure

Q15. What is the key element for dealing with sociopaths and deranged personalities? Hint

Answer: Become a professional listener

Q16. What's the key factor to study during a police interview? Hint

Answer: Watching their eye contact and movements

Q17. During an interrogation, which skill is useful? Hint

Answer: Befriending your suspect

Q18. Who is the one person that Kenda encountered in his career that he considered a psychopathic murderer? Hint

Answer: Ronald Lee White

Q19. When did Lt. Joe Kenda solve his first homicide case?

Answer: 1973

Q20. What's Kenda's favorite crime show? Hint

Answer: None, he lived it.

Q21. What does Kenda do for fun? Hint

Answer: Travel

Q22. What is cop lingo for female police groupies? Hint

Answer: Buffs

Q23. How many episodes will be in season 5 of Homicide Hunter? Hint

Answer: 20

Q24. Where did Lt. Joe Kenda grow up? Hint

Answer: Pittsburgh, Pensylvania

Q25. What is Lt. Joe Kenda's wife's name? Hint

Answer: Kathy

Q26. What is the term used to refer to the 6PM to 2AM shift that detectives work? Hint

Answer: Cocktail Shift

Q27. Finish this Kenda quote: "No one gets to play____." Hint

Answer: God

Q28. How many years did Kenda work on developing his effective interrogation process? Hint

Answer: 2 years

Q29. What does Kenda refer to himself as? Hint

Answer: The Angel of Death

Q30. For Lt. Kenda, the making of Homicide Hunter is Hint

Answer: Therapeutic

Q31. What made for the most memorable cases for Kenda? Hint

Answer: Cases involving children

Q32. Kenda is always on the hunt for two key elements, a name and a ____. He'll do what he has to do to get them. Hint

Answer: Face

Q33. Lt Kenda's first case was featured in season 4? Can you name the guilty party? Hint

Answer: Fred Henry Swain

Q34. Did Lt. Kenda work on the JonBenet Ramsey case? Hint

Answer: False

Q35. How long was Kenda on patrol before becoming a Homicide detective? Hint

Answer: 3 years

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