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Is your business ready for the future?

Is your business ready for the future?

The way we do business is constantly evolving and being able to adapt to the changing demands and needs of customers, employees, suppliers and markets has never been more important. To be ready for the future, your business needs the right technology to take advantage of every opportunity.

Our Future Ready Indicator is a quick and simple online assessment which analyses your business and gives advice on how we can help your business improve in the areas of customer engagement, employee productivity, and operational agility.

Get started It takes between 5 - 10 minutes.

How do we calculate your Readiness Score?

Your overall readiness score is determined by assessing your business against three types of challenges

Your Readiness Score is made up of 3 sections

1. Your business operations

By making your business operations more flexible, resilient and secure, you can respond quickly to changing market conditions and communication needs to take advantage of new opportunities.

2. Your employees

By enabling your employees to work cost effectively and securely, how, when and where they need to, your business can be more productive and get to market faster.

3. Your customers

By giving your customers the freedom to interact with you in the ways they want, you can build a stronger, more personal relationship.

Wondering where you need to focus? Complete the Future Ready Indicator assessment to find out.

Get started It takes between 5 - 10 minutes.

Businesses that are Ready'

We've helped hundreds of businesses become more ready. Here are just a few...

Souhan’s Garage

Since first opening its doors over 45 years ago in 1969, Souhan’s Garage in Trim, County Meath, has been an example of an Irish family businesses that has learned how to change with the times. From its origins as a simple garage, the company today includes a sophisticated Retail business from a motor repair centre, petrol station, newsagent, deli and a custom exhaust business.”The solution Vodafone gave us allows us to seamlessly handle that and route the calls to the right people, whether somebody is out on the road or in a car in the garage or in the office” Find out howSouhan's and many other retailers future-proof their business with the help of Vodafone.

Angus Woods'

Angus Woods' Wicklow farm is busy all year round with cattle, sheep and tillage activities. And like all small businesses, the ability to stay in touch with suppliers and customers remains key to its viability “Farming is a modern business in that you have to stay up to date with what’s happening and be able to react quickly when you get the information” Find out howAngus and many other farmers future-proof their business with the help of Vodafone.

Take the assessment to see how you can future-proof your business.

Get started It takes between 5 - 10 minutes.

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Are you able to track your vehicles, assets and devices as well as recover and protect these assets if stolen?(Please select one)

How do you protect your business from data loss or theft?(Please select all that apply)

How do you manage the efficiency of your workforce?(Please select all that apply)

Where do you store your business information and applications?(Please select all that apply)

How and when does your customer contact your business?(Please select one)

How reliant is your business on paper based processes?(Please select one)

How much of your IT and Communications is cloud based?(Please select one)

How flexible are your working policies?(Please select one)

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