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Show Your Smile Campaign Terms

This “Show Your Smile Campaign Terms (“Terms”)” will set the rules and regulations of the Show Your Smile Campaign (“the campaign”) provided by UNICHARM (PHILIPPINES) CORP. (“Unicharm”,”we”, “our”).

Term 1. Agreement to the Terms

  1. To enter into “the campaign”, the participant must agree to the “terms” and may not withdraw their agreement.
  2. If the participant is under the age of 18, he or she must have a legal guardian to agree to the person under 18 to participate in this campaign which includes agreeing to “the terms.”
  3. If a participant agrees to “the terms” while being under the age of 18, but has become over 18 while applying or participating in the campaign, it will be deemed that the participant personally has agreed to “the terms.”

Term 2. Changes to “the term”

  1. “We” have the right to change “the terms” anytime.
  2. If “the terms” have been changed, “we” will notify the changes on “our” website. The changes of “the terms” will take into effect once “we” have notified the changes on “our” website.

Term 3. Applying to “the campaign”

  1. Participants will take full responsibility when applying to the campaign.
  2. “We” will not take any responsibilities for any direct or indirect damages that may or have relations with the loss of any data so please try to save and have a back up of any data.
  3. To apply to “the campaign,” you must need an internet connection. The participant will take full regulatory and financial responsibilities to participate in “the campaign” such as being able to use needed devices, software, internet connection, and internet infrastructure.

Term 4. Changes to “the campaign”

“We” have the right to change and or delete a part or the entire campaign without prior notice. We take no responsibility if any direct or non-direct damages have taken place in relation with the changes to “the campaign.”

Term 5. Discontinuance of “the Campaign”

“We” have the right to discontinue “the campaign” without prior notice and will not take any responsibility for any direct or non-direct damages that have been taken place due to the discontinuance of the campaign if the following situation arises.

  • (1) A periodic and or urgent repairmen or maintenance of digital communication equipment and infrastructures
  • (2) An overload of visitors to the webpage and any other unexpected overloads to the system
  • (3) To protect the security of the participants
  • (4) When any digital communication infrastructure providers have not conducted their job
  • (5) When a force majeure situation arises which includes but does not limit to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and fires as well as any accidents, wars, conflicts, riots, upheavals, and labor disputes.
  • (6) To comply to any regulations or laws
  • (7) When “we” determine that the discontinuance of the campaign is needed to comply to any regulations or laws

Term 6. Termination of Campaign

“We” reserve the right to stop the application process of this campaign. “We” will not take any direct or non-direct damages from the termination of the campaign.

Term 7. Privacy Policy

We will manage personal information in accordance with the “Show Your Smile Campaign Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”).

Term 8. Usage of third party services

  1. Participants who use third party services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to apply to this campaign will not only follow “the terms” but will also follow any appropriate regulations set by these third party services.
  2. We will not take any responsibilities for third party services.

Term 9. User Content

  1. The participant agrees to and guarantees that the participant owns the rights to any picture(s) or word(s) (“user content”) that has been posted using our service (This includes the right of translations and adaption. If the “user content” is a derivative work, the participant guarantees that all proper copyright laws are followed. The participant guarantees that all “user content” has or does not infringe on any rights of any third party.
  2. When the participant has posted the “user content” it has been deemed that the participant has agreed to transfer the copyrights of the “user content” to “us.” After the “user content” has been posted, the participant must ask “us” permission of the participant wants to the use the “user content” for commercial purposes.
  3. The participant guarantees that all “user content” submitted and/or posted are up-to-date wherein time and date of “user content” must not be more than 6 months old. Any “user content” submitted and/or posted more than 6 months old can cause the participant to be disqualified from “the campaign”.
  4. The participant will not exercise Moral rights or will not make any third party exercise this right after the succession of copyrights from the participant to the “Unicharm.”
  5. “We” reserve the right to place any “user content” on our brand site, on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even for other marketing purposes where the copyright has been transferred to “us” (this includes any derivative work, adaptation, and translations)

Term 10. Prohibited Matters

The participant agrees that the participant will not conduct the following.

  • (1) To break the rules and regulations set by “the terms”
  • (2) To break any laws and regulations which includes but does not limit to infringements on a third parties property, copyrights, trademark rights, publicity rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, libel rights and to cause damages and disadvantages to third parties
  • (3) To post any information that will specify an individual person
  • (4) To intentionally spread false information
  • (5) To continuously post the same or similar post
  • (6) To lead other people to the participants or any third parties website
  • (7) Any action conducted for commercial purposes which includes but does not limit to sales, advertising, invitations, and announcements. An invitation to a political movement or organization, an invitation to a religious movement or organization will also be prohibited. Harassing and slandering a third party as well as participating in the campaign other than the purposes set by “us” is prohibited.
  • (8) To post anything that is violent, sexual and any posts that discriminates based on race, nationality, ideals, gender, social status, lineage, and other means. Any posts that encourages or invites suicide, self-harm, usage of drugs, or any posts that have a negative influence on minors is prohibited. Any posts that have content in connection to anti-social forces or any posts that provide disgust or discomfort to a third person is prohibited
  • (9) To post anything with the purposes to meet or get into a relationship with a third person
  • (10) To impersonate “us” or any third part or to use a third parties ID and or account.
  • (11) To offer any benefits to anti-social forces.
  • (12) To cause damage the public order and or the morality of society
  • (13) To post any information concerning or that contains computer viruses and or harmful computer programs.
  • (14) To illegally access to the servers in relation with “the campaign”
  • (15) To place an unnecessary amount of load or burden to any servers and or networks in relation to “the campaign.”
  • (16) To access any of “our” confidential information or any personal information of third parties.
  • (17) To utilize and or encourage any malfunctions (bugs) and to use any tools that the outcome of using these tools is unpredictable which includes but does not limit to bots and chat tools.
  • (18) To encourage, help and or prepare any actions states in these prohibited matters.
  • (19) Anything “we” deem unappropriated.

Term 11. Breach of Terms

  1. “We” reserve the right but are not obligated to take appropriate measures that “we” deem appropriate when the participant has breached “the terms” or has admitted that they may have breached “the terms.” These appropriate measures include but does not limit to declining the application to the “the campaign” or deleting posts.
  2. If any direct or indirect damages have been made to “us” or third parties due to the participant breaching the contract, the participant may have to compensate for these damages.

Term 12. Non-guaranteed

  1. “We” do not guarantee that there are no defects with the system or security of “the campaign” and “we” do not guarantee that “the campaign” will infringe on any third parties rights. We do not guarantee that the participant will follow the rules set by “the terms” or any rules set by the participant. If any of these issues arises, “we” are not obligated to fix these issues.
  2. ”We” do not guarantee that any devices, OS, browser software is compatible with “the campaign.” We are not obligated to fix any bugs or defects that are caused by any updates which includes but does not limit to OS, browser, and software updates.
  3. Participants agree that the participant may not be able to use or apply to “the campaign” when the terms or management policies of related third party services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram change.

Term 13. Disclaimer

  1. We will not take any responsibility for any direct or indirect damages cause by “the campaign” However this is not the case if there was intent or gross negligence on “our” side.
  2. It is the responsibility of the participant if any participant-to-participant or participant-to-third party disputes arise sand the participant will also be responsible to notify “us” when a dispute occurs. “We” will have no responsibility in such disputes or any damages caused by these disputes and “we” are not obligated to solve or take-part in these disputes.

Term 14. Contact Method

“We” will contact participants whether it be to notify winners of the campaign, where “we” will contact participants in a manner “we” deem appropriate which includes but does not limit to channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Once we have contacted the participant will be deemed that the participant has been contact and received “our” message.

Term 15: Contact

“Our” contact information for “the campaign” is as follows

TELEPHONE NO: (02) 843-4067;
FACEBOOK MESSENGER: https://www.facebook.com/MamyPokoPH/

Term 16: Jurisdiction

“The term” will be under the jurisdiction of the laws and courts of the Republic of the Philippines.

These “the terms” are effective on July 7th, 2017.