How well do you know Aliens?

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All right sweethearts, you know the drill! Assholes and elbows! James Cameron’s peerless sci-fi horror Aliens celebrates its 30th anniversary this year – and to mark the occasion, we’ve put together a quiz so fiendish, you’ll need more than a Power Loader suit to defeat it. Be warned: devious facehuggers will change the questions every time you play. Express elevator to hell, going down…

How well do you know Aliens?



How does Vasquez first refer to Ripley?

What was the tagline for Aliens?

According to Newt, when do the aliens mostly come out?

Which actor plays the android, Bishop?

Which birthday was Ripley's daughter about to celebrate when she left for space?

What does Hicks like to keep handy for close encounters?

Name the planet upon which the action takes place?

What is Vasquez's response to Hudson's insult, "You ever been mistaken for a man?"

Which American comedian plays company man Carter J Burke?

The special edition release of Aliens is notable primarily for the reintroduction of what?

Complete this quote from Private Hudson: "is this gonna be a stand up fight, sir, or another…"?

Who plays Private Hudson?

In which area do the marines first engage the alien threat?

What does Vasquez have written on the side of her Smart Gun?

What is Newt's real name?

According to Apone, what is a day in the marine corps like?

Which prop is Apone rarely seen without?

What is the name of the town on LV-426 where the colonists live?

Name the ship that transports the marines to the colony?

During the dinner scene aboard ship, what's on the menu?

What is Hicks' first name?

Who composed the score to Aliens?

Complete this line from Private Hudson: "Stop your grinnin' and…"

What question does Newt ask Ripley before going into hypersleep?

What is Private Hudson's most famous line?

What does Frost wish they could have got a little bit more of?

What corporation owns the terraforming operation?

When the movie begins, how long has Ripley been in hypersleep?

Which of the following marines bears the highest rank?

After the initial encounter with the aliens, what is Ripley's suggested course of action?

Which colonial marine is the first to die?

What does Frost suggest they use to fight the aliens after the pulse rifle magazines are confiscated?

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